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Countertops: Brantford Chooses Stone

Brantford home and condo owners have discovered the beauty, durability, and affordability of natural stone! Residents of Brantford, a thriving city of 90,000 near Hamilton, Ontario, takes pride in its parks, business district and homes. Brantford even runs programs that offer funding for home renovations for those on limited or fixed incomes. If you are a Brantford resident planning to build or renovate, you should consider installing fine stone countertops.
Throughout history, fine stone such as granite and marble was rarely used as countertop material except by the very wealthy. Extracting fine stone from quarries was difficult, time-consuming, and work-intensive, as was cutting it into blocks and slabs. This meant that the price of fine stone was out of reach for most families. In recent decades, however, improvements to the technology used for extraction and cutting have greatly maximized the efficiency of these processes, making beautiful stone countertops far more affordable.

Finding a Stone Supplier

There are many companies that supply stone to homeowners. Even franchise hardware stores now sell stone tile and DIY kits. But stone countertops are an investment in your property. You'll want to shop wisely, and turn to a stone specialist for advice and expertise.
Choose a company in the Brantford area that will supply, fabricate, and install the new countertops. You will want one contact point for all of your questions, and one responsible entity so that the process will be as seamless as possible. There are some important considerations when choosing a stone supplier. These include:
  • A wide selection of stone, available to view in a showroom.
  • Knowledgeable employees with expertise in their areas.
  • State of the art fabrication equipment to ensure precision and efficiency.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Warranties on work.
  • A good track record. The company should have been in business for several years, at least. Talking to a previous customer and seeing jobs they've done can help you gauge the company's performance.

CAD and CNC Technology

As with all aspects of 21st century life, computerization has revolutionized the stone fabrication process. Computer numerical control (CNC) stone fabrication is a computer-controlled manufacturing process in which a computer program dictates a set of actions that machining equipment will perform to cut, drill, bevel and otherwise shape stone. Computer assisted design (CAD) helps to create new patterns with an unprecedented degree of accuracy. When combined with CNC tools such as bridge saws, milling machines, and routers, CAD works with CAM (computer assisted machinery) to cut the stone with absolute precision. About 80 per cent of the cutting can now be done using CNC machines, with the final detailing and polishing done by hand. It's important that the stone supplier you select has state-of-the-art equipment such as the NC260. Jobs that once took days by hand can now be completed in a matter of hours with this type of computerized equipment.
Check out Brantford area stone suppliers today, and discover the wide variety of stone available. Bring the beauty of natural granite, marble, or quartzite to your living space!

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